Halloween Costumes Past & Present

moana costume

As my 3 year old niece once repeated for an hour straight until we put the movie on for her, "I wantttt to waaaatchhhh MOAAANNAAAA!" I'm so happy there are finally more Disney princess films with strong females that kick butt, whose main storyline isn't falling in love with a dude who saves her from whatever trouble she gets into. Seriously, how cool is Moana?? I cry every time I watch the movie/listen to the soundtrack, that music hits me hard! So obvi I knew what one of my Halloween costumes had to be this year. 

moana costume 4

This pic makes me lol like no other - how funny is Eddie as Heihei?? Extra chuckles that one of his wattles flew up and hit him in the face during this pic. He made this costume 100% from scratch all by himself, I'm so proud! It was like a real life Project Runway episode in our apartment, him on the ground cutting and hot-gluing like a lil fashion designer. 

moana costume 2
moana costume 3

I made this Moana crown with green myrtle I picked up from Whole Foods & a little floral wire. In the movie she has pink flowers on her crown, but I wanted to keep it simple with just the green. Also, lil tip from a wig-lover: putting something on your head like a crown, headband, hat, bandana, etc. makes wigs soooo much more natural looking. Added bonus, the wig stays put on your noggin when you're dancing or flipping your hair around, like I am 24/7 kakaka

moana costume 6

My niece and her dad/my brudda are also being Moana & Heihei for Halloween, so stay tuned for some sure-to-be hilar twinsie pics tomorrow night! Also, I think it's important to mention - in the past week I've seen a lot of articles online discussing whether dressing as Moana for Halloween is cultural appropriation. This article on PopSugar best describes my views on the situation - I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, if you have any, in the comments!

lady gaga joanne costume 3

My 2nd costume this year is the one & only Lady Gaga, Joanne pink hat edition. I've been dressing up as Gaga for a decade now, ever since her Just Dance days when I was a freshman in college. I went to Chapman University, a liberal arts college that had costume parties every single week (heaven for me, a person whose fave holiday is Halloween!) You could find me most nights out and about rocking a blonde wig and sunglasses, singing/shouting every song off The Fame like it was my actual job.

lady gaga joanne costume 2

My friend Michael Dunn aka Justin Timberlake and I had so much fun at the StyleHaul party this past weekend. Just living out our pop star fantasies, nbddddd. 


I thought I'd take us on a lil stroll through memory lane, with a few Halloween costumes from years past. Thanks to my parents for digging out the real oldies and scanning them in to me! 

Scan_20171022 (2).jpg

What are you being for Halloween?! Let me know in the comments! Hope you all have a fab night tomorrow whether you're passing out candy or partying it up with friends :) 

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