Super Bloom

Happy first day of Spring! Southern California is experiencing an amazing "super bloom" right now, and you know I just had to go exploring. This sort of growth only happens once in a decade, so I would have been crazy not to! According to National Geographic, we have the uncharacteristically rainy/cold winter to thank for the explosion of wildflowers now in bloom. Eddie and I took a trip to Lake Elsinore, around 75 miles east of us in LA, to see the California state flower in action - the poppy! We took some vids while we were there and Eddie edited together a short lil clip, below. Watch till the end for an embarrassing surprise! LOL thanks a lot, Eddie!!

When we arrived at the poppy fields around 6pm, the flowers were already starting to close up for the night! I wasn't aware poppies were nyctinastic so I was a little bummed we didn't get to see them fully open, but they were still gorgeous nonetheless. 

How beautiful is this necklace from Ramblerose?! It's my new fave, I'm obsessed!

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