Boho Balcony

I recently revamped our little balcony and it actually turned out better than I expected! I got really lucky by finding the perfect pieces I had been envisioning, although it did take a few tries to get the pillows right- lots of purchases and returns in that department. Sometimes I see things in the store and absolutely love it, but when I bring it home and actually test it out in the space, I realize the colors/patterns/vibe doesn't work as well as I'd hoped. But that's just part of the process!Β 

A few of my favorite new additions are the outdoor rug from World Market (only $20 bucks!), and the tray table- an awesome (and cheap!) find from Ross. Did you know they have an amazing home section?! It's one of my fave places to shop for decor, they get new stuff in constantly and it's super discounted! If you don't know, now you know. ;)

My absolute favorite additions though, of course, have to be all my new plant bbs. How cute and funky are they?! I wanted the balcony to be as plant-filled as possible so I really went to town at all my favorite plant shops.Β 

I'm so happy LA stays warm so that I can enjoy our little outdoor room year round- it's my favorite space to eat breakfast, smoke some hookah, or enjoy a glass (slash bottle) of wine. What are your favorite things to do in your outdoor space?