My Little Wall Shelf Desk

I wanted to share my little home work station in case anyone else is struggling with fitting a desk in a small space!

Up until a couple months ago I was working out of my bedroom on a desk that was def too big for the space. I wanted to get out of the bedroom in general since it's crowded enough with a big ol' king bed and two dressers in it, and also I just wanted a work space that was separate from where I sleep. Unfortunately,Β my old desk wouldn't fit anywhere in the living room, so I realized I was going to have to look for another alternative.

Then I found this cute Wall Mount Desk! It was just what I was looking for, and fit in the only spot in the living room it could go - between our couch & bar. I really like how it looks in the space, and I've been playing around with all the pictures, plants, and other lil tchotchkes on the shelves. A couple of my faves are the Himalayan Salt LampΒ & cool basket I found for super cheap while thrifting at Goodwill. And of course, candles & crystals are a must :)

What are your work space necessities? I'd love to hear how anyone else has combatted the small space desk situation!