Morning Walks in Playa Vista

Fall has finally hit LA! No more shorts & tank tops for me (until the next heat wave, of course). But this is still Los Angeles we're talking about, and mid sixties isn't exactly the arctic - hence the short sleeve poncho & low cut shirt :P  

Eddie and I visited the Ballona Discovery Park right down the street from our place. It's an awesome park because not only is it saving coastal wetlands from development, it also is a β€œmuseum without walls” that explains to children and their parents the history and importance of the Ballona Wetlands. You don't need to have/be a kid to enjoy it though! Beautiful place for a walk or run.

Even though summer is my favorite time of year, the current nippyness is a nice change from the usual warm weather. The holidays always feel more festive for some reason with an added layer of coziness. Plus, now I can turn our gas fireplace on and not feel like a total loon (I turn it on year round... even in 80 degree weather.)

I'm a bit of a couch potato so it's actually really nice to get out and explore these awesome places just a few minutes from my apartment. It's easy to take parks like this for granted, and I'm definitely trying to get out and see more of LA apart from my usual shops & restaurant streets. Just don't make me hike!!

What are some of your favorite parks in the city? I'd love to hear your recommendations!

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