Boho Friendsgiving 2016

This time of the year is always fun - who doesn't love getting together with people you love to eat and drink till you burst?! Most of my family lives in New York and I don't usually fly back for Thanksgiving since the airplane tickets from LA can be pretty expensive around the holidays, so I've been wanting to host my own little friendsgiving for a few years now. 

A couple years ago we turned the dining room in our apartment into Eddie's office area, so I knew we would need to create a friendsgiving eating space in the living room. My brother and sister-in-law lent us one of their folding tables and it ended up working perfectly. We kept the legs folded in and set it on top of our two banana fiber stools to create a floor table.

The folding table is made of plastic so I threw my Mexican blanket on top to use as a table cloth. I also found this beautiful macrame table runner and added lots of candles, flowers, and an amazing garland from Trader Joe's that was so long I had to cut it nearly in half to fit!  It was only $6.99 and it was the last one in the store so I was very happy when I found it.

I love cozy little nooks and this one kind of happened by accident! It started raining outside while we were setting up the living room, so Eddie and I ran out to save our balcony pillows. We didn't want to put them on the couch since they were a little damp, so Eddie placed them next to the fireplace. I said "Holy crap that looks cute!" and ran towards my nearest sheepskin to throw down underneath for extra coziness.

I'm in love with this Free People maxi dress, I had fun twirling around in it all night. Actually kinda surprised I didn't light myself on fire with all the candles and dress twirling going on!

I found the same exact punch bowl my parent's have had for decades while I was thrifting last week - I remember every holiday growing up I would be in charge of setting up all the little glasses and making the punch (which consisted of fruit juice, 7up, and sherbert!) Needless to say, I bought the punch bowl. Only instead of punch, I made a sangria with lots of yummy fruit. All our friends brought a dish to share - everything was delicious! 

So thankful for all our wonderful friends! I loved using my Instax camera to snap pics of everyone to remember the night. Very happy our first friendsgiving went off without a hitch - this will definitely be part of our holiday tradition from now on!