Home for the Holidays

Eddie and I have lived in our apartment for 4 years now, and even though we've always gotten a Christmas tree, that's pretty much been the extant of our holiday decorating. I was feeling pretty festive this year however, and was so inspired by all the beautiful wreaths/garlands I'd been seeing on Instagram that I decided to get a few of my own. Any excuse for some extra greenery! Even though they were super messy to hang (I think we'll forever have garland droppings hidden in every nook of our floor and carpets), I absolutely love how they look in the apartment. I wish they could stay up year round!  

We're slowly building our ornament collection - I like to get a new lil batch of bbs every year to add to the tree. This year I found the preshest ornaments at Target and Burro. Some of the newest additions include an ox skull, llama, cactus, wolf, Hamsa hand, seeing eye, and a bunch of other cute animals. 

How adorbs is this lil guy and his scarf?! I die.

I love coming home and turning on all the little twinkle lights, snuggling up on the couch in front of the fire and watching Christmas movies. I found a bunch of amazing old Christmas records this year as well that I've been listening to on repeat. It's such a cozy time of year. I hope you all have been staying warm, and wish you the happiest of holidays!