Venice Daze

What a crazy California winter we've been having! Rainmageddon is finally over (we really needed it with our drought) and the sun is shining again. I've been wearing rain boots, jeans, and winter coats for weeks, so our first day of warmth and sunshine I broke out one of my fave Free People dresses and comfy heels.

Venice is forever my favorite part of LA. I love all the beautiful palm lined streets, delicious restaurants, amazing shops/boutiques, the canals, and of course, the beach. It's such a small little community that everything is bike ride-able, and there's always something to do or see. Going on walks with Eddie and exploring all the little neighborhoods is one of my fave things to do - there are some of the most gorgeous homes in Venice! 

Venice is also cactus/succulent heaven. Front yards, sidewalks, & entryways are filled with them, I can't get enough! I always feel like I'm in paradise, just walking down the street.

Cheers to plant bbs & sunshine! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend :)