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Having a Christmas eve birthday is a funny thing - bouncers, bartenders, and any sort of ID checkers always ask me, "What's that like?" Growing up, it had its plus and minuses. There was the occasional grouping together of prezzies ("This is for your bday AND xmas!"). Since school is obvi never in session on the 24th and everyone stays home with their fams around the holidays, I would sometimes get bummed I never got to celebrate with my friends on or around my day. But, having a Christmas eve birthday made the holidays and the month of December in general that much more exciting. Since I couldn't celebrate with friends the day of, my parties were always a few weeks before, which meant I got to prolong the excitement - a whole month of celebrating! And having your birthday the day before Christmas means a lotta cheer, prezzies, and CAKE packed into a 48 hour time frame. Fast forward to now and pretty much the same holds true! I don't usually go crazy to celebrate, I've actually gone years without having any sort of party because I know how busy everyone is during the holidays. But I wanted to do something this year, and I've been dying to experience the Venice Beach Barcycle - so I figured this would be the perf time to get some friends together to experience it with me. 

Eddie put together this lil vid of the craziness, as you can tell we had no fun whatsoever kakaka


For those who don't know, the Barcycle is this amaze pedal-powered party on wheels. You rent it with friends and BYOB on board, then the driver takes you on a beach bar crawl, dropping you off at hot spots in Venice. My friends and I started the day off at Bareburger for brunch, where we enjoyed mimosas and the yummiest noms. This place is adorbs and such a fun atmosphere. It was the perf place to get the party started.

bareburger 2

After brunch the Barcycle was waiting for us right outside, so out we scooted to board the party train! The Barcycle itself is so cool looking - and I'm not exactly sure how it's legal, but it is, and anyway I don't ask questions bahaha 

barcycle 2

Eddie loves bike riding so he obvi had a blast! And damn, it was a good thing he was there - getting up some of those inclines was hard, even with all of us pedaling! But it made it all the more funny, all of us trying to drink our drinks, sing along with the music we had playing, eat our sweet potato fries we brought with us from the restaurant, and take pics/vids, all while pedaling. I was laughing so hard I cried and ultimately lost my voice - too. much. fun. 


One of the bars we stopped at was Surfside, the quintessential Venice Beach hang out. How cool is the decor? We got drinks, did tequila shots, and laughed our heads off before getting back on the Barcycle. 

My girl Heather, can you tell we were FEELIN IT at this point? Bahahaha bless 


Paulina, documenting the excitement!

venice beach

Our view as we pedaled to the beach.

Richard, with one of the many bags of food we brought with us on the cycle kekeke

One of the funniest parts of the whole experience was seeing everyone's reaction as we rode by. A mix of confusion, bewilderment, awe, and sometimes annoyance lol 

barcycle 5
barcycle 6

After hitting about 4 bars, we were feelin gooooood. It was beautiful weather and the sun was starting to set on the beach - hello perfection. It was definitely the most fun/unique birthday celebration I've ever had. I don't think I stopped laughing/smiling once! I definitely recommend taking the Barcycle for a spin if you're in the LA/SoCal area :) 

How do you celebrate your birthday? Does yours fall around a holiday too? Tell me your bdizzle stories in the comments! 

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