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The weather here in LA has been all over the place lately - one day I'm wearing a tank top, the next I'm bundled up. Even though I'm a warm weather year round lover, I do enjoy a chillier day here and there around Christmas. You know I love me some cozy vibes! But of course, "chilly" is relative here in forever-summer land. I grew up in New York and lived through some nasty winters, however almost a decade living in Southern California has spoiled me. And I'm not the only one! Us Angelenos complain about the "cold" any time the temperature dips under our usual 75 degree sunny weather :P 

sweater dress 2
sweater dress 3

I just love wearing yellow and black together - such a fun pairing, don't you think?

sweater dress 4
sweater dress 6
sweater dress 8
sweater dress 9

This sweater dress caught my eye immediately with the cool distressed detail at the hem. Keeps it a little cheeky, literally and figuratively! I'm wearing short shorts underneath though, just in case the dress shifts and gets a lil TOO cheeky kakaka

sara toufali

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