Portland Japanese Garden

I'm in love with how green and lush Portland is! Such a beautiful city, with trees everywhere. It actually reminded me a lot of upstate New York where I'm from, tons of trees on every street. I sometimes forget how much I miss all that green. Even though I love our LA palm trees, there's something so magical about green, leafy forests. Maybe that's why I felt such an instant connection to Portland - it made me feel like I was back home. When I found out there was a Portland Japanese Garden, I knew I had to visit. So peaceful and beautiful, these pics don't do it justice. Nestled in the hills of the city, the gardens cover 12 acres with 8 different garden styles. It includes an authentic Japanese Tea House, sand and stone gardens, streams and ponds, and an awesome view of the city. I also found out it's considered to be the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan!  If you're ever visiting PDX, I can tell you it's an absolute must-see.

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