San Francisco Afternoon

Before Eddie and I left for SF to attend Outside Lands Music Fest, I had all these big plans of checking out shops, restaurants, and monuments in the Bay Area every morning before the fest. Bahahaha. Delusional! What actually happened was that we were so exhausted every morning from the previous day, we woke up super late and of course had no time to do anything except shower quickly and head back over to the fest. So I condensed my long list of amaze recommendations into my absolute must visits, and we hit them up on Monday before driving back down to Los Angeles. Keep scrolling to see some of the best spots we checked out!

Media Noche

media noche

Media Noche is a Cuban counter in the Mission, and not only is it impeccably decorated, it also has some seriously yummy food. I had the "Celia" Cubano - island fried chicken with coconut slaw, avocado, and their famous green sauce. Deeeelish. Also, can't recomend the guava agua fresca enough. I slurped it down fast!

media noche 3
media noche 2

While we were waiting for our food, a truck bumped into a fire hydrant directly across the street from the restaurant. The whole thing erupted!! It was such a crazy experience. Everyone in Media Noche (even the cooks!) hurried outside to - what else - record it on their phones. LOL. A fire truck ended up coming and a few fireman were able to make the water stop. So much excitement though! We had lunch and a free show. 

media noche 4
media noche 5
media noche 8
media noche 6

This has GOT to take the cake for coolest bathroom - right?? That banana wallpaper for heaven's sake. AMAZE. 

media noche 7

My guava agua fresca! That tile! The fact that they match and I didn't even plan it! I die.

Aggregate Supply

aggregate supply

After lunch Eddie and I walked here to Aggregate Supply, a really chill little shop with all sorts of goodies. I bought a Where the Wild Things Are pouch and it's pretty freakin cute. Also, I died a little when the nice lady behind the counter told me that plants usually hang from all those hooks in the shot above - but they were being watered that day so they were taken down. WAHHHH. I wanted to see the cool hangy plants!! Still, even without them, just the hooks alone look super cool - dontcha think?

aggregate supply  2
aggregate supply 3

Paxton Gate

paxton gate

Our next stop was the crazy awesome Paxton Gate. Seriously one of the most unique shops I've ever been to! Lots of taxidermy, plants, crystals, and more - lots more. I highly recommend a viz if you're ever in the area. 

paxton gate 2
paxton gate 7
paxton gate 4
paxton gate 6
paxton gate 5
paxton gate 3
paxton gate 9
paxton gate 8

Ok so every now and then I amaze even myself with my self control - I didn't buy any plant bbs here! Even though I wanted all of them tbh. Instead, I bought that beauitful botany poster above with the leaves. Now to find an empty wall in our apartment...



Ampersand is a total hidden gem and absolute dream-ville. This flower shop is tucked away on a side street in the Mission. Beautifully colored barn doors greet you when you arrive, and the darling little interior is filled with beautiful blooms. You can buy flowers by the stem to create your own bouqs if you want - surprisingly enough, I don't think I've actually ever arranged a bouquet before! So this was a super fun experience for me. 

ampersand 2
ampersand 3
ampersand 5

I saw the bouquet above on the chair that was created by the super friendly folks at Ampersand and was instantly inspired. Yellow and orange blooms are my fave, so I knew that's what I wanted to include in my mini bouq. 

ampersand 6
ampersand 7

My tiny lil bb creation! So in love with these blooms. Eddie and I stuck them in a Carl's Jr. cup (lol) filled with water for the ride home to LA and they made me smile every time I looked at them. 

General Store

general store san francisco 2

I couldn't make a trip to San Francisco and not check out General Store! They have a location in Venice as well and it's an absolute dream, so many gorge goodies. This SF location obvi did NOT disappoint. I wanted to take everything home with me!

general store san francisco
general store san francisco 5

Where this location has the Venice one beat is the absolutely drop dead gorgeous backyard space. It's been transformed into a cacti wonderland and all I could think was how I can't wait till I have a backyard so I can design it like this.

general store san francisco 4

This is the teeny tiny sunhouse and if the exterior doesn't have you swooning, just wait till you see the inside...

general store san francisco 9
general store san francisco 8
general store san francisco 7
general store san francisco 10

I mean can. you. EVEN? I obviously could not, as you can tell by that big ass smile. Such a darling little plant house, need need need in my life. Absolute goals.

So, as you can see we were able to hit up a lot of amaze places in one afternoon - but I still can't wait for our next trip north so we can explore all the other restaurants and shops we missed this time around. Where are your favorite places in the Bay Area? Let me know in the comments!

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