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I've noticed that the word used most often to describe our home is, you guessed it, "cozy" - and I couldn't be happier about that. There are a lot of beautiful homes out there, designed to perfection with gorgeous furniture and decor, but I don't think that always translates to a cozy space. To me, cozy means a lot of things - something that is comfy, lived in, warm, relaxing, happy, has good vibes, and is a place you'd want to hang out and relax. Cozy is down to earth, maybe just a little messy, and doesn't take itself too seriously. I wanted to share some of my tips with you for creating an extra cozy space - it's actually very simple and easy to do! You just need a few key pieces, most of which you probably already have lying around, but when put together in a little nook or corner, magic can happen. Keep scrolling for all the tips, and scroll to the end to shop all the pieces you see here for yourself.

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First tip is, surprise surprise, plants! Plants bring instant life to a space - it really is crazy how much of a difference just a few green bbs can make in a room. I put them in every nook and cranny I can fit 'em! On the floor, on tables, crates, hanging, pretty much everywhere. So whatever space you're trying to cozify, I can assure you that plants alone will instantly bring the good vibes. But we won't stop there...

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Rugs are a necessity for a super comfy space. I'm a serial rug layerer, I'll throw rug on top of rug on top of rug. Why not! It's fun and gives the space a nice lived-in quality. My absolute go-to piece for every nook in our home is the sheepskin rug. We have close to 15 of them, can you believe it?! I'm serious when I say I've got them allll over the place. They're just so fuzzy and warm and feel so good on your skin, it's instant happiness when I step or lie on them. It also breaks up the room and gives a nice pop of cream and texture.

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Candles are another good vibes necessity. That firey glow brings instant warmth and homeyness to a space, and combine it with some beautiful smelling incense & gorgeous crystals? Forget about it, you're never leaving. I light incense often, especially when the apartment feels stale or could use a little refresh. Sweet smelling candles and that smokey wisp coming from the incense always gives our place a calm, relaxing feel. 

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Next tip, three words: pillows, pillows, pillows. It's pillow land at our place - a bit of an addiction, actually! I love creating cozy nooks by tossing a couple different sized pillows on the floor, propping them up against a wall or bookcase, and of course adding a sheep skin rug or two to lie down on. We have a big ol' couch and lots of chairs in the apartment, but for some reason plopping down on the floor is more fun! Our lil record nook is a fave of mine, I love to chill here and listen to vinyl - such a simple but fun way to relax and unwind. 

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Finally, a simple throw blanket can do wonders for the cozy factor of a space! I love really soft ones in a pretty color, like this chenille sweater throw - it's sooooo velvety plush and lovely. Makes you wanna curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. 

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I hope all those tips help you create your own lil cozy sanctuary! What are your go-to pieces for making your space comfy & homey? I'd love to hear YOUR tips! I also want to start writing more home posts like this, I know I've been really slacking in that department - please don't hesitate to leave me a comment, message me on Instagram, or shoot me an email with any types of posts you'd like to see on Black & Blooms. I love chatting with all of you! Thanks for being here :) 

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