A Fun Filled Weekend At The Wigwam, Arizona

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Thank you to The Wigwam for hosting my stay. All opinions are my own - as always!

I finally made it to Arizona for the first time ever! I’ve been craving a getaway to this cactus-filled wonderland, and now I can finally check it off my bucket list. My stay at The Wigwam was an absolute dream, filled with yummy food & drinks, new experiences, and total relaxation. The property is celebrating the 90th Anniversary of its guest ranch, and it was such a pleasure to learn the history of this Arizona treasure. Located in the town of Litchfield Park just 20 miles outside of Phoenix, the weather was absolutely perfect during my stay and the citrus scent of the orange trees that cover the grounds was amazing aromatherapy. I want to share with you some of my fave parts of the trip, as well as photos of the beautiful resort - I honestly was in heaven, as I’m sure you could imagine!

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My first evening was spent in this stunning outdoor lounge & dining area on The Wigwam’s lawn patio. Dinner was enjoyed with wine pairings for each course, and I may or may not have indulged in a couple Prickly Pear Margaritas. Yum! Arizona sunsets are absolutely breathtaking, and being able to dine outside while watching the sky change was pretty magical.

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The Wigwam’s Prickly Pear Margarita was my drink of choice all weekend. SO delish, and that color!

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Fell in love hard with the grounds of the resort. So beautifully landscaped, and that adobe-and-timber! There are fire pits and places to lounge sprinkled all over, ensuring you’ll always have a place to cozy up and relax.

White Tank Mountain Regional Park 6

Bright and early the morning after I arrived was a trip to White Tank Mountain Regional Park. It’s been a dream of mine to hike among the magnificent Saguaro Cactus for so long, and the dream finally came true! They really are such a fascinating plant. Saguaros grow super slowly, it can take one over 75 years to grow it’s first side arm. They’re able to absorb and store huge amounts of rainwater, and a fully-grown Saguaro can weigh more than a ton. That’s a big prickly bb!

White Tank Mountain Regional Park 7
White Tank Mountain Regional Park 8

After the hike, it was time to head back to the resort for some pampering at the LeMonds Aveda Salon-Spa.

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top / bottoms

The Wigwam offers bicycles to any guests who want them, and it was so much fun being able to hop on for a ride around the 440 acre resort!

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Spending time at the spa was super relaxing. Such a beautiful little oasis at the pool! I chilled here after my 1929 Oxygen Facial, which was sooooo niiiiiice. It included cleaning, exfoliating, massage rituals, a Vitamin C treatment, and a hydration session.

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Fresh fruit smoothies delivered poolside. Alllll about it.

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After my pamper sesh I headed over to Wigwam’s signature restaurant, Litchfield’s, where I had the pleasure of watching Chef de Cuisine Jason Paterno create culinary masterpieces in the Exposition Kitchen. Felt like I was front row on a Food Network show! I hardly ever cook, so watching a master work up close was fascinating for me. Also, the food was to die for, nbd. Each dish was paired with a different cocktail too - you KNOW I was happy as a clam! Or perhaps a scallop, which was my fave dish of the cooking demo :)

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Litchfield’s is the OG farm-to-table restaurant, before that was even a thing! They grow their own veggie gardens right outside the entrance, and the chefs are able to pop out and pick whatever they need for a meal. They also make it a priority to use locally sourced meat and produce whenever possible.

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dress / shoes


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What I think makes The Wigwam unique is the sense of community and history felt here. It’s not just a destination for travelers, but also for locals who meet for everything from early morning breakfast to late night cocktails. Hanging out at Wigwam Bar one can see that it’s really the heart and soul of the resort. Relaxing in the courtyard under the palms and twinkle lights, gathered around a fire pit, listening to live music - so much fun! We ordered a s’mores kit, which was something I hadn’t even known existed. It’s a box filled with everything needed to make s’mores, and it was such a sweet addition to a lovely night.

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There are 3 different golf courses at the resort, so hopping in a golf cart to get around is the norm here. I was lucky enough to get a private tour of the grounds in a cart (so much fun!!) and learned all about the history of the resort. It was originally built in 1918 as a gathering place for the executives of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company who realized the West Valley of Phoenix was the perfect location to grow cotton for rubber production. As time went on the retreat grew in popularity, so additional accommodations and amenities were added. In 1929 The Wigwam opened as a full-service resort with accommodations for just 24 guests. Since then it’s grown to include 331 rooms and casitas!

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Love the Southwestern style in the main lobby. Such a cool feel!

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This particular room is very special, as it’s a portion of the original structure of The Organization House - the first building built on the property. Old black and white photos of the room back in the day are displayed here, and it’s obvious how much care was put into the look and feel of the room to preserve its history.

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Yummy lunch in the courtyard! Complete with refreshing cocktails, naturally.

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Did you know FootGolf existed?? I sure didn’t! It’s pretty much just like golf, with the exception that players use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball, and the ball is kicked rather than struck with a club. And it’s FUN! Especially when a drink cart rolls on over and gives you a Titos Vodka Arnold Palmer. Uhhh yas plz!

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My pals R'el Dade and Marcus Lloyd of This Is The Place I Was Telling You About and Laura Jung.

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I’ll never get over these gorge casitas.

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My last night at the resort was the most stunning sunset. Seriously magic colors! Loved capturing the grounds and the changing sky as the sun set.

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My last morning at the resort I enjoyed a farewell brunch outside on the Litchfield’s patio with mimosas, and it was such a lovely send off to the perfect weekend. I was sad to leave! But I’m excited to return to Arizona again, next time perhaps to explore cities such as Tucson and Sedona.

Have you ever stayed at The Wigwam? I was amazed at how many people messaged me on Instagram saying they either had gotten married there, lived nearby, or were frequent visitors. Totally can see why, as it’s such a special place. More info below if you want to book a getaway for yourself! Until next time, AZ.

The Wigwam
300 East Wigwam Blvd.
Litchfield Park, Arizona 85340
Phone: 866.976.6894