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I was introduced to Flores Lane through a candle making workshop at Angel City Brewery in DTLA hosted by Trish Baden, the creator. Eddie and I had a blast sipping beers, jamming to 90's rap, & learning about the candle making process from Trish. She gave off such good vibes and has a wonderful fun-loving attitude, plus the candles we made were deeeelish. Trish was nice enough to invite Eddie and I over to her home studio where she runs her small business, in the heart of West Hollywood. I loved hearing her story and seeing where she concocts all her candles. Keep scrolling for the magic!

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Trish in her studio! How amaze is that custom built shelf on the wall? Obsessed. 

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Right when we walked through the door we smelled all the yummy scents she's been cooking up. Surfaces are covered with candles waiting to be poured or packed up. She hand stamps all her jar labels too. 

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She's a fellow plant lover and her place is filled with all sorts of unique bbs. Tillandsia, succulents, and cacti all over! 

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When I asked how Trish started her business, she explained that she sort of fell into it by accident. She took a candle-making class for fun, and then started pouring candles as a hobby. It quickly turned into a passion, and Flores Lane was born. What started as an Etsy side gig has now turned into Trish's full time business - and it's growing rapidly. She's since had to hire an assistant to help keep up on orders!

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One of the things we chatted about was how certain "luxury candles" are so expensive we only want to burn them when company is over. We all laughed at how silly that is, since we agreed you should be able to enjoy candles in your home anytime, whether you're alone or not. That's one of the things I love about Flores Lane - the candles are hand poured and such high quality, but the prices are still affordable. Which was very intentional when Trish started her brand. So you never have to feel guilty about burning her candles!

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Trish has repurposed a lot of her candle jars into lil bb plant pots - how cute is that?! I plan on doing the same when I finish burning my candles.

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The City Collection candles are such a fun concept. Different neighborhoods in Los Angeles, South Bay, NYC, Washington DC and Cincinatti each have their own distinct scents, made up from the characteristics and overall vibe of the place. The labels even include the forecast and longitude/latitude coordinates, along with the blend contained inside!

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I'm super inspired by Trish and the brand she's built for many reasons, the most important  being that she's having so much dang fun doing what she loves - and is very successful at it. She explained how candle making never really feels like work to her because she just enjoys it so much! The fact that she started a business from a passion and fueled it with so much hard work and creativity is so wonderful to see. I loved hearing about all the upcoming projects she's working on, in addition to the cool celebs she's been busy making scents with. Such a boss!

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Many thanks to Trish for letting Eddie and I come see where the magic is made! Be sure to follow Flores Lane on Instagram HERE and buy up all her yummy, delish candles on the Flores Lane website. If you need any help choosing, I can tell you my personal faves are Venice, WEHO, Upper West Side and Beverly Hills. Happy candle shopping! xoxo

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