Picnic in the Park

This past weekend I had the cutest little picnic with mega babes Kayte Demont and Aubre Winters! It was a beautiful sunny day in LA, one of the warmest we've had in a while - I got to break out a pair of shorts for the first time in months. There's a lovely park down the street from my apartment in Culver City that we went to, our picnic table was right next to a sea of plants, trees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Soooo pretty!

We decided on a food theme of "aggressive snacking" - a term I intend to keep alive and thriving. We each brought an array of munchies, with an extra emphasis on CHEESE. Amen & hallelujah.

I also got to finally use my adorbs picnic basket! I found it super cheap while thrifting a couple months back and have been dying to take it out for a spin. And of course, I had to bring a few of my crystals and indigo mudcloths, because obvi. Also, how cute is this - without even discussing beforehand, Aubre brought a pretty bouquet of roses and Kayte brought a beautiful blue vase - talk about perfection! You go girls.

Photo by   Aubre Winters

Photo by Aubre Winters

What's in the glasses? RosΓ© all day, baby!

How cute are they?! 

Photo by   Kayte Demont
Photo by   Kayte Demont
Photo by  Kayte Demont
Photo by   Kayte Demont

Above 4 photos by Kayte Demont

Such a fun day laughing and stuffing my face with two awesome ladies. I want to start picnicking more often! To be honest, sometimes I forget it's even an option. I'm so used to getting together with friends at restaurants/bars or each other's homes, so major props to Kayte for the awesome idea. It's fun to switch things up now and then! Looking forward to the next one, and I can confirm I will once again be eating my weight in cheese. No regrets.

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