Dresser Decor

Our bedroom is a constant work in progress - it's been rearranged and updated a bunch of times since we moved in 4 years ago. I like changing things up every now and then, and the evolution of this room is fun to look back on. Right now we have a beachy feel going on - Eddie's surfboard lives here, we have a huge wave canvas on one wall, and the little art prints above my dresser are illustrations of the ocean. 

My favorite animal is the fox, so we have a lot of them in our home. This little fox catch-all dish from Urban Outfitters was obviously a must-buy for me. Just lookit that punim. So cute! 

I can't get enough of Himalayan Salt Lamps - we currently have 3 of them sprinkled around the apartment and I'm thinking of getting more. They give off the warmest glow and they make me happy just looking at them. Same goes with air plants - instant happiness! How presh is this lil guy?!

My hand ring stand was a lucky find from Home Goods - I'd been looking for one with just regular outstretched fingers, but then I saw the A-ok gesture and was instantly obsessed. So much more fun! Also, thinking I may need to invest in another jewelry wall hanger... getting pretty crowded over there. See what I mean? Constant work in progress :)

Art Prints: Tina Crespo - Salt Water Cure // Terry Fan - The Whale // Laura Berger - Buoy