Friendsgiving 2017


Eddie and I hosted our 2nd annual Friendsgiving celebration over the weekend, this time packing 10 people into our lil living room! We had so much fun, and it never felt crowded - just super cozy, lots of floor pillow loungin'. This year I was super low key with the planning of the table settings. Whereas last year I went out and bought lots of new things (glasses, plates, table runner, punch bowl, candlesticks, etc), this year I didn't buy a single thing other than flowers. I've been trying to declutter our space, and am starting to be really picky about what I bring into our apartment - with a 700 square foot space, there's really no room for random or surplus items that aren't going to be used regularly. I also just recently donated an entire car's worth of things we weren't using anymore to our local Goodwill, and I still have more closets to clear out - eek! So this year I reused a lot of things from last Friendsgiving, but changed a few key elements so that the table still felt new and fresh. 

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We borrowed my brother & sister-in-law's plastic folding table again this year and laid it on our banana fiber stools to create a v boho floor dining table where our coffee table usually sits. Because the table is plastic, I always feel like it needs some kind of table cloth to jazz it up a bit - this year I used a couple of my indigo mudcloths. I just love the patterns so much, and of course the lil tassels on the ends.

friendsgiving 3

My trusty macrame table runner creates the perf runway for the flower/candle/lantern centerpiece. I also love how it pops off the dark indigo.

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I arranged 3 lil bb bouqs from a mess of Whole Foods flower bundles. They consisted of coxcomb, peonies, amaranthus, safflower, and chamomile - I just love those bright cheery colors together, and the wildflower feel. The flowers were sold in their 5 individual bunches, so I laid them all out and then started picking and cutting stems, then placing them into each vase, adding and rearranging till I got the look I wanted. 

friendsgiving 16

Even though we have complete glassware sets, I love the look and feel of mismatched glasses on a table - keeps things fun and interesting. So I picked pretty glasses from our shelves in shades of blue & green, then threw in a pair of mason jar mugs for the end seats. 

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Lots of laughs & noms were had, and we had a blast taking photos on my Instax & Polaroid Cam. LA is such a melting pot of transplants from all over, most of our families live out of state, back in our hometowns. Your friends really become your fam in a city like this - v thankful to have such funny, fab ones in my life. And how gorge are all of them too?!

Wherever/however you're celebrating this Thanksgiving holiday, I hope it's filled with loved ones, lots of potatoes, and alllllll the pie :) 

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