A Very Merry Boho Picnic

boho brunch picnic

You know I love good picnic sitch! My dear friend Anita Yokota has such a darling backyard, I couldn't pass up the chance to brekky it up picnic style with her on a recent visit. We wanted it to be festive but not the usual holiday color palette - so we ditched the normal red vibes and instead incorporated lots of rich blues, ivory, plum, pale pinks & peach, and of course, fresh greenery. Also, one word - DONUTS. Keep scrolling to see all the yummy deets!

boho brunch picnic  2

I'm a donut monster! I could eat them all day every day if it wasn't completely unhealthy for you bahaha. These Sidecar Donuts are sooooo yummy - they're made daily, from scratch, with no preservatives! Nom nom nom.

boho picnic brunch 25

How gorge is this Moroccan Boujaad Pouf? It's from our friend Mallory's shop, The Reserve - def check her out, she has the most beautiful treasures!

boho brunch picnic 22

Ranunculus are one of my all time fave blooms - aren't they just darling? I love them in these shades of plum & white, especially paired together!

boho brunch picnic 6
boho picnic brunch 26
boho brunch picnic 4

Macarons are always a good idea :) As you can tell we went all out for the most sugary sweet breakfast ever.

boho brunch picnic 5
boho brunch picnic 6

I can't get over Anita's lil lemon tree - look how many are on it! Obsessed.

boho brunch picnic 9
boho brunch picnic 7

The purple donut is my fave - Oregon huckleberry cake with huckleberry glaze. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Mmmmm.

boho brunch picnic 8
boho brunch picnic 21

Yas, we went basic as all hell and were sippin rosé in copper mugs kakaka!

boho brunch picnic 10
boho brunch picnic 12
boho brunch picnic 20

Lots of blankets, sheepskin rugs, pillows, and poufs made for the coziest lil picnic setup. 

boho brunch picnic 11
boho brunch picnic 13

Some fresh foliage, monstera leaves, a bb wreath, pretty blooms, and a beautiful smelling garland really added to the good vibes.

boho brunch picnic 24

The key to this boho look is lots of layers - Anita and I kept adding textiles on top of each other till it was as cozy as poss! Candles and lanterns also helped complete the look.

boho brunch picnic 5
boho brunch picnic 14
boho brunch picnic 17

And there you have it! What do you think? Boho sugary sweet enough for ya? Anita and I had so much fun putting this all together, and it was such a cozy setup we plopped ourselves back down here for lunch too! Would you like to see more of these picnic setups in the future? We were thinking it would be fun to do different themed picnics throughout the year. Let us know in the comments! And don't forget to give Anita a follow on Instagram, if you aren't already - also, her blog is chock full of amazeness - just sayin ;)

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