Traveling Back in Time With Netflix's "Godless"


I got to go on a lil adventure last week with Netflix! Their new show Godless is about a town in the American West circa 1880 that is made up of almost entirely women. I was lucky enough to go on a mini road trip to Paramount Ranch where I experienced what life was like for those women. How cool is that?! The day's hashtag was #TheFrontierIsFemale, so you know is was filled with bad ass women shooting guns and slinging whiskey. Yee haw! 

netflix office

The day started at the Netflix office in Hollywood, which is pretty dang amaze. This living wall was giving me LIFE.  

netflix office 2

My girl Eleven from Stranger Things! Yaaaaaaaaaas

netflix office 3
netflix office 4

From Netflix we boarded the bus that took us up to Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills. The ranch is actually a national park with hiking trails & an Old Western town from different Hollywood movies. So cool.

netflix godless 2
netflix godless 29

First activity of the day was playin with the horses! My bb's name was Bradley, and he's famous - he starred in this SKIPPY® PB Bites commercial - lol! 

netflix godless 30

One of the stars of the show, Jack O'Connell, was there to experience the fun too.

netflix godless 3

This bb had been trained "at liberty", which means there are no physical lines between owner and horse, they're told what to do through visual signs of communication. It was amaze to see this beauty following commands with no reigning or steering! 

netflix godless 4
netflix godless 6
netflix godless 10
netflix godless 11

Next up was learning how to shoot a gun!! How cray is that? I'd never held a real gun before in my life, let alone shoot one - what a wild experience. Obviously we were shooting blanks, but even blanks can sometimes be dangerous, so it was definitely a trip. The woman teaching us was such a bad ass, loved her!

netflix godless 12
netflix godless 14
netflix godless
netflix godless 31

Eek! There's mine!

netflix godless 32

Even though guns scare the crap outta me, this was actually supes fun bahaha. I loaded the blank bullets in and everything, then had 5 shots!

netflix godless 13
netflix godless 16
netflix godless 17
netflix godless 18
netflix godless 19
netflix godless 36

You know I can't resist a lil photobooth action kakaka

netflix godless 33

Next up was whiskey drinking! We got to sample a bunch of different whiskies, yummmm. Def got a lil tipsy, woops!

netflix godless 21
netflix godless 23
netflix godless 22
netflix godless 34

After whiskey it was dinner time - so many delish things on the menu. Pickled veggies, chicken lollipops splattered with red sauce so it looked like blood, yummy stews, chilis, and lots more. There was even tobacco chocolate ice cream for desert!

netflix godless 25
netflix godless 24
netflix godless 26
netflix godless 27
netflix godless 35

Was def tuckered out after a day of fun & excitement. Thank you to Netflix for taking me on the adventure!

Have you watched Godless yet? Let me know how you like it in the comments!

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