Bringing Home New Greens

I'm so so soooo happy it's been warming up in LA lately - looks like our chilly rainy winter is almost over! Which means I can finally set up and enjoy our lil jungle balcony again. If you haven't read my Boho Balcony post, you can check it out HERE to see how I revamped the space last year. I really love it because it feels like an additional room in our apartment! When two people are living in a 1 bedroom 700 square foot space, every single foot counts. I keep it extra cozy and plant filled out there, but you can never have too many plant bbs :) which is why I visited one of my fave nurseries this weekend, the Marina del Rey Garden Center. They have so many awesome plants, and the grounds are beautiful. 

So good right?! Seriously gorge.

I love bringing home new green bbs - it always puts me in such a good mood. These are the 6 lovelies I brought home, starting from top left (they also just happen to have the most awesome names!!) Aucuba Japonica (Gold Dust Plant), Aloe Nobilis (Gold Tooth Aloe), Philodendron Scandens (Heartleaf Philodendron), Senecio Stapeliformis (Pickle Plant), Opuntia Monacantha Variegata (Prickly Pear), Euphorbia Flanaganii (Medusa's Head). How presh are they?! In lobbb.

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