2018 Holiday Gift Guide

2018 boho Holiday gift guide

I just love gift-giving. In a way it’s a bit selfish of me, because it enables me to do some major shopping minus the guilt that usually comes with buying goodies for myself. No guilt here when it comes to givin prezzies! I had so much fun putting together each of these lil gift guides for the special people on your list. I was really picky with it and only chose things that I would want for myself (kekeke), or already am/would purchase for my family and friends. Hope you enjoy and maybe find some treasures you hadn’t thought to gift before! Happy shopping, bb’s.


Flowy clothing, woven bags, statement jewelry, fringe, poms, and tassels galore - I’d be lying if I said I didn’t curate this particular guide with pieces I’m currently coveting! Each one is gorge and feels special, whether it’s a pair of chic leather flats, a cozy teddy coat, or a stylish tie dye kimono.


Picture this: a peaceful pre-bedtime bath filled with essential oils, botanicals, salts and minerals - beautiful smelling candles and incense burning, a glass of wine, crystals galore and a good book to read. Hello heaven! Give the gift of peace and calm this holiday season with all these good vibes goodies.


Who doesn’t love staying in and getting cozy every now and then (or all the time baha!) Treat that decor lover in your life to gorge textiles, earthy wall hangings, or the tools needed to make their drink of choice - matcha, coffee, or fresh juice anyone? Encourage them to light a candle, snuggle up on the couch with a soft throw blanket, sip their freshly made beverage, and read an inspo-filled interior styling book.


You probs have someone on your gift list who’s always traveling, or maybe a friend who’s gearing up for a trip in the new year. Why not give them something fun and functional they can use while on the road? Whether it’s a lip stick power bank so they never suffer the dreaded dead phone fate, a crystal water bottle to keep the good vibes present while on a long flight, or a sweet lil floral embroidered makeup bag to hold their travel size beauty products.


Did you know you can order plants online? Yaaaaaas! Make a plant parent’s day by gifting them a darling lil pot or planter with a succulent or two, or a gorge watering can that looks like a mini work of art. Don’t forget to include a plant book for tips on keeping their new green bb alive! And don’t worry, I won’t judge if you buy all the goodies on this list for yourself too :P


Gadgets and gizmos aplenty! Whozits and whatzits galore! Give the gift of fun tech like an instant camera this holiday season for instant fun and wonderful memories. From a hand-carved wooden tablet stand, to a mobile lens kit, or even a projector + speaker gift set (imagine the cozy home movie theater setup with friends & fam!). All the goodies in this guide are sure to put a smile on someone’s face.


Kids are always so much fun to shop for, dontcha think? I can’t get enough of these adorbs lil stuffed animals, and omg that camel rocker - can you even? Princess dresses, tiny moccasins, bunny mittens, and even an eyelit lace tent - I love all these lil treasures so much, and I bet the bbs you’re shopping for (and their parents!) will love them too.


Got a brudda, dad, or significant other on your list? I gotcha covered. Treat dad to a fancy new BBQ tool set or cozy tassel scarf. Your bro like cocktails? How about a barware set or an awesome recipe book for that lil imbiber. Upgrade your partner’s wardrobe this holiday season with a cool new pair of leather boots or a plaid jacket. It’s a gift for both of you tbh :)