Floral Christmas Tree

floral christmas tree

Our first Christmas in the new house! I’ve been excited to celebrate in our lil Hobbit House all year, and I’ve really been looking forward to having a Christmas tree in the living room. However, I was a little nervous about how we’d make it fit with all our furniture. I also knew I wanted to incorporate florals into the tree, but wanted it to be subtle and easy to decorate - while still fitting in with our current decor. Cue this fab White Rose and Calla Lily Garland. Faux florals already arranged so all I have to do is throw a few on the tree? Yes please! Easy peasy and reusable for future years. I purchased 4 of them and in hindsight, could have actually used 5 or 6 for maximum impact, but I still love how they look! I bought them planning on incorporating our holiday ornaments into the tree as well, but when I sent Eddie into our garage to find them, he came back empty handed. Haaaaa! Oh, Eddie. I didn’t have the energy to go hunting through all the boxes we have in there myself, and I actually really like the simplicity of the garlands alone with the tree lights - so this year’s tree is remaining ornament-less.

floral christmas tree 2

Once we had the tree up, I started playing around with rearranging the furniture. I knew our wicker swivel chair was definitely not going to fit in the space, so we moved it into the bedroom for now. It fits great in the corner where our other chair was, and that one got relocated to a different bedroom corner. Next, we moved our sectional up against the right hand wall of the living room, underneath the window. We’d never though of placing it there, but once we did and saw how it looked, we were immediately hooked. Having the couch pressed up against the wall in a corner gives it a much cozier, lounge feel - you can really snuggle up on there! Eddie and I love it so much we think we’ll leave it this way even after the tree is gone. And then the wicker chair can take the tree’s spot!

floral christmas tree 3

One of the best things about our living room is the ginormous window, it lets in such beautiful natural light. With the couch not directly in front of it anymore, it really opens the window up even more and makes the room seem bigger. I highly recommend playing around with furniture placement in your casa if you’re in need of a change! You might be surprised with how much you like a different setup, just like we were.

floral christmas tree 14
floral christmas tree 5
floral christmas tree 6

Another benefit of this new setup? My big white bird of paradise can really shine. Before, he was crowded into the corner behind the wicker chair, but now he’s displayed front and center in the room.

floral christmas tree 7
floral christmas tree 8

A fresh garland on top of the fireplace was the icing on the cake in here! And the house smells so good :)

floral christmas tree 12
floral christmas tree 13
floral christmas tree 10
floral christmas tree 15
floral christmas tree 11

So what do you bbs think of the tree? It’s super simple but that’s what we like about it. Hopefully we’ll find our ornaments within the next year and we’ll be able to incorporate them into 2019’s tree! Are you a fan of furniture rearranging, or do you like things to stay put? Let me know in the comments!

Happy holidays lovas!

xo, sara

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