Valentine BB's

Sara & Eddie

Can't believe I'm celebrating my 7th Valentine's Day with Eddie, that curly head bb! We don't go cray on v-day, some years we've even just stayed at home and enjoyed a low-key dinner at our place. But we've been so busy with work and the move to our new house recently, we decided to enjoy a night out this year. I'm not sure where we're going, but Eddie made rezzies somewhere he says is "perfect", so I'm excited kakaka

Sara & Eddie 2

Can you believe Eddie and I met at a bar? On the dance floor! My friends and I used to go out to our local college bar every Thursday night, and one particular night I saw this v tall and v v v cute boy walk in. Cue Wayne's World Mike Myers announcing in my head, "He will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine."

Sara & Eddie 3

Later in the night I saw him on the dance floor and zoned the heck in on him - we ended up dancing together before we even said two words to each other - how funny is that? We mayyyy have even slipped in a kiss or two on that first night meeting kakaka we were a lil tipsy being at a bar, after all!

Sara & Eddie 4

We didn't get each other's numbers that night, but I had a feeling I'd be seeing him again - and I was right. I kept seeing him on Thursday nights out at the same bar and we would dance, talk, and laugh together every time. We realized we both loved the same music, and he was just the sweetest guy I had ever met.

Sara & Eddie 5

We finally ended up exchanging numbers and hung out during the day time - and the rest is history! So for all you single lovelies out there, don't let anyone tell you that you won't find a match out at the bar :P

I hope you all are spending the day with your loved ones! Whether that's a fuzzy bb, family, friends, or just you - treatin yo self and lovin' yo self. Happy Valentine's Day bb's!

Photography by Kayla Glass

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