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Sara Toufali Bedroom

We're slowly but surely settling into our new house! There are still a few boxes lying around, filled with things we're not quite sure where to put yet - but we're getting there. Our house is nothing like the old apartment, so there are a lot of things that don't quite fit/work in the new space. The dining room is empty since we don't have any furniture for it yet, so it's pretty much been a holding ground for all the stuff we're still deciding what to do with. The room we've come farthest along with so far is our bedroom - lil sneak peek of it in the pic above. We get such beautiful sunlight in this room thanks to 3 windows, I'm in love! We haven't hung any curtains yet (all our old apartment curtains are the wrong dimensions) and 3 of the 4 walls are completely bare, so we still have a ways to go. I want our new house to be a bit simpler than our old place though - less clutter, more calm. Keep scrolling to see some of the peaceful, gorge bedrooms that have been serving as my inspo lately.


Image Credit: @TheJoshuaTreeHouse

Be still my heart - alllll of Sara & Rich Combs' bedrooms are actual goals. The beautiful neutrals paired with green prickly bb's, fringe, poms, and wooden accents - can you even?? 


Image Credit: @TheJoshuaTreeHouse

Image Credit: @TheJoshuaTreeHouse

I really love the simple wall shelf with books and plants above - I'm thinking of incorporating something similar on one of our walls.

Image Credit: @Reserve_Home

That beautiful standing mirror propped against the wall in Mallory's bright and fun bedroom is so lovely - I also really love her pops of pink!

Image Credit: @Organic_Everything

Christine's rattan bedside table is darrrrrrrling - been scouring Craiglist and Offerup lately trying to find similar ones.

Image Credit: @Organic_Everything

Image Credit: @JoAndJune

Danielle and Philip's plant filled bedroom is so dreamy - I also really love the lil bench at the end of their bed, perf for adding more small plants.


Image Credit: @CasaJoshuaTree

Lindsay's light and bright bedroom gets me every time - I especially love her wooden bedside table, lil wall light, and all her orange accents. 

Image Credit: @AnitaYokota

Talk about shelfie goals! Anita styled this shelf in her bedroom so perfectly. And that hanging moss! We had a branch of hanging moss in our old apartment and we're trying to figure out where to put it in our new place. Perhaps its new home could be in our bedroom, a la Anita! 

Which bedrooms are your faves? I'd love to hear of any accounts whose bedrooms you're vibing with - let me know in the comments so I can go creep em :)

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