Coachella 2018

coachella 2018

My 6th Coachella in the books! Eddie and I always have so much fun at music fests - I just love all those good musical vibes. Lotsa dancing, singing, nom-ing, and drinkin. I wanted to share with you some pics we took during the weekend, hope you enjoy!

Where We Stayed

palm springs coachella airbnb
palm springs coachella airbnb 2

Eddie and I booked this Airbnb in Palm Springs that accidentally ended up being in the most perf location - there was a shuttle stop to the fest just a few minutes walk from the house! Our casita was behind the owner's main house, and the yard/patio/pool area were absolutely gorge. Bougainvillea, mountain views, palms all over - heaven. Inside, the casita was darker than the photos let on, but it was still a nice place to relax when we weren't at the festival.  

palm springs coachella airbnb 3

Day 1

coachella 2018 5

For my Friday day 1 look I wanted to go full boho glam, so I layered on the jewelry and wore this flowy off the shoulder dress from The Odells. I don't wear my hair up that often but I thought a hair braid updo would go perfectly with the outfit, plus it's hawt in the Coachella sun. 

coachella 2018
coachella 2018 6
coachella 2018 7

There weren't really any acts I was dying to see Friday which ended up being a v nice change from our usual Coachella sitch. It can be a bit hectic running around from stage to stage trying to catch bits and pieces of all the bands you want to see! This time around there was no pressure to be anywhere at any time, so Eddie and I were able to stroll around and see whatever we wanted to see, without having to constantly keep our eyes on the clock.

Day 2

the parker palm springs coachella

On Saturday we decided to check out the Amex party located at The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs. It was like it's own tiny lil festival, complete with musical acts, an open bar (yas plz), and lots of little snacks. Also, have any of you ever been to The Parker?! It's an absolute design/decor dream. I'm kinda obsessed with every nook and cranny - hope I'll be able to stay there someday in the future. 

the parker palm springs coachella 8
the parker palm springs coachella 7
the parker palm springs coachella 6
the parker palm springs coachella 5

Can you even?! Honestly.

the parker palm springs coachella 3

Loved this fun, flowy two piece set I found at Irene's Story. They don't seem to sell it on their site, but you may get lucky if you viz one of their stores! 

coachella amex 2018
coachella amex 2018 2

The Amex Platinum House was a fun pregame to the fest!

coachella 2018 2

Loved the setup of Coachella this year. Every year they change it and this time around it felt much more open/easier to navigate. 

coachella 2018 4

My fave act of the day was Fleet Foxes. Sitting in the grass with such a chill crowd singing along to some of our fave songs as the sun set - magical. After the fest we attended Neon Carnival which is a cray after party with an open bar, djs, dancing, fair rides and games. And free pizza! Nom nom nom.

Day 3

coachella 2018 day 3

On the final day Eddie and I rallied! I wore this blue peasant dress I found at Buffalo Exchange that matched my blue hair perf, which made me happy. The tag was cut out of the dress so I don't even know where it's from originally - woops! 

My fave acts of the day were FIDLAR, my girl Cardi B (above), and Portugal. The Man. Love, love love!


Woot woot! What do you think of music fests? Love em or leave em? Lemme know in the comments, and if you attended Coachella this year I'd love to hear who your fave act was!