Spring Refresh At Home

Sara Toufali Living Room Spring Refresh

With each change of seasons I love to switch up the decor around the house. This spring’s wildflower super bloom and all the beautiful colors exploding from the earth have really made my heart sing - it’s reinforced my urge to incorporate more color into our neutral living room! I’ve been wanting to invest in a vintage Moroccan rug for years now, and I knew a colorful one would bring the room to life in a fabulous way. I actually started my rug search a few months ago but nothing had been the right size, colors, pattern, or price.

Sara Toufali Living Room Spring Refresh 2
Living Room spring refresh

Until I found THIS beauty! The moment I laid eyes on her I knew she was the one. Those colors! That ombre! The patterns and texture! So soft and shaggy I can’t even!! I bought it from D+K Renewal and honestly their prices are so competitive - highly recommend if you’re in the market for vintage Moroccan rugs!

Living Room spring refresh 2
Sara Toufali Living Room Spring Refresh 8

Those peachy oranges & pinks with the tiny pops of blue in this Beni Mguild - swooooooon. The fact that she’s one of kind and handmade just makes her all the more special to me.

Sara Toufali Living Room Spring Refresh 7

Another new addition is this Luminosa Pillow by Justina Blakeney. Hello gorgeous! Love that cream fringey goodness, and the sequins make such a darling jingle sound. It’s the perf addition to the swivel chair sitch.

Living Room spring refresh 5
Sara Toufali Living Room Spring Refresh 5
Living Room spring refresh 6
Sara Toufali Bedroom Spring Refresh 9

In the bedroom I swapped out our heavy faux fur comforter for this light Hamsa quilt - isn’t the embroidered illustration just the sweetest? It’s stone washed and lovely, plus the pattern brings all the good vibes to the space.

Sara Toufali Bedroom Spring Refresh 10

I also swapped out my bedside table for this double basket side table sitch - ain’t it cool? It’s got a vintagey feel and just looks so unique. You know I’m a sucker for natural materials, so that wood stand with the bamboo baskets makes me suuuuper happy.

Sara Toufali Bedroom Spring Refresh 15

This wall has been bare since we moved in a little over a year ago, but it’s been just begging for art. One of my fave decor tricks is creating windows to different places through large framed photographs. The bathroom is a window to the beach, and now the bedroom is a window to the desert! This Joshua Tree print really opens the room up and makes it seem bigger - Eddie and I agree this scene gives the space so much more depth. It also reminds us of all our fun getaways to the dez!

Sara Toufali Bedroom Spring Refresh 11

Love creating little portable good vibes stations. All you need is a tray, candle, and a vase for flowers or a plant bb! Add a small bowl and sage for smudging or burn palo santo for the ultimate good vibes.

Sara Toufali Bedroom Spring Refresh 12

Would love to hear what you think of these little refresh swaps! DId you prefer the living room when it was all neutral, or are you digging the new colorful rug? Let me know in the comments :)

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