Before & After: How to Transform Your TV Wall

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The latest nook we’ve attacked in the hobbit house is our TV wall! It’s been pretty sad looking since we moved in, and was in desperate need of some good vibes styling. We’d been using our old coffee table as the TV stand and a crate to hold my records, but I was ready for something a bit sleeker. I wanted to share with you some tips on beautifying your own TV wall if you’ve been feeling blah about your current sitch, like I was!




1. The Console

First thing I needed to do was find a console that could hold my records, so that I could finally ditch the ol’ crate. This was surprisingly easier said than done! I had some trouble finding a console that was the right size/dimensions to hold vinyl, in addition to being wooden and gorge like I wanted. I also needed something with doors of some sort and not just open shelving, to hide away all the cables and ugliness. When Urban Outfitters revealed this console over the summer, my jaw hit the floor - it was exactly what I had been looking for! I absolutely love the beautiful mango wood and the jute panel sliding doors. I keep my vinyl on the left, and the TV box on the right. You’re also able to customize the shelving, so if you don’t have any records, you could place the shelves that come with it on both sides.

2. Hang Your TV

This step isn’t necessary, but I feel like it makes a big difference in the way your wall looks. It just gives it a sleek, cool vibe, and you get a bit more height on your wall to play with. You can also fit more things on top of your console when the TV isn’t sitting on it, like your record player or sound bar. Depending which mount you get, you can also pull the TV out from the wall and swivel it whichever way you want. Our dining room is right next to the living room, so this is helpful when we’re sitting at the table but still want to watch TV. We had a professional install the mount for us, but if you’re handy you may be able to just do it yourself!

3. Add Plants

Duh! As if this wasn’t gonna be on the list kakaka. Since we didn’t mount the TV too high up on the wall (our couch is very low to the ground and I didn’t want to be looking up at a high TV), I definitely wanted to play around with height on the rest of the wall. To me, that meant adding plants to either side of the TV. This was a bit tricky because there isn’t much space available to the left and right of the console. I couldn’t get a huge monstera, palm, or bird of paradise that would jut out into the hallway. I needed a skinny, tall plant that would fit in the space on the left. As I was walking around my local nursery, I spotted the perf plant for the job. It’s called an ‘Angyo Star’ Fatshedera. It’s a hybrid between Fatsia joponica and English ivy, and apparently can be kept indoors. I’d never heard of it before and I’m actually still a lil scared he’s gonna die on me because I’m not sure how much light he likes! But so far he’s been looking happy, and I’m keeping a close eye on him. On the right, we installed a simple hook in the ceiling and hung one of my trusty pothos. I love how full and drippy he is!




4. Add Decor

Since I love a good floor chill zone, I pull over this floor pouf and a pillow whenever I’m going through my records. It’s comfier than kneeling or sitting on the floor! I also anchored the console with a small fringey rug underneath. Since the wood of the console is similar in shade to our hardwood floors, I wanted to make sure they didn’t blend into each other - the rug does a good job of breaking the two up. Add a woven basket for the plant, and that’s it! I was tempted to add a bunch of things on top of the console on the right hand side like books, more plants, and crystals, but tbh I really like how simple the space looks without all that. Since this wall is right next to our front door, the soundbar’s subwoofer acts as a tiny lil dropzone for me to throw my bag on top of when I come home. Looks cute and it’s functional - win win!


We’re so happy with how the wall turned out, feels like a mega upgrade after months of living with those ‘before’ pics IRL! One last tip - if you have an Apple TV, go to your settings and play around with the screensavers. The gorge black and white photos on the TV in all these pics are under the Apple Photos category! They really help transform the TV from an ugly black hole to beautiful framed art when it isn’t in use.

Hope those tips help! Would love to hear what you guys think :) Happy weekend!


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