Treating Yourself to a Self Care Bath

simply chocolate bath

This post was sponsored by Simply Chocolate, all opinions expressed are my own - as always!

It’s no secret I’m a big believer in treatin yo’ self. Taking time for self care is so important, and indulging in things that help you relax and de-stress can have positive impacts on all areas of your life. One of my fave self care rituals is taking a luxurious bath! Add some Godiva chocolates and rosé from Simply Chocolate to the mix, and you’ve got an absolutely heavenly pairing. Keep scrolling for my tips on how to create a dreamy self care bath in your own home.

simply chocolate bath 2

Making a Mini Oasis

My bathroom gets great light thanks to two windows on opposite walls, but at my old apartment the bathroom had zero windows - and I know that’s the case for a lot of people! But just because you don’t keep your plant bbs in the room 24/7, doesn’t mean you can’t create a lil oasis for bath night. Gather up your plants from other rooms in the house and arrange them around the tub for your own jungle paradise. Hang plants from towel hooks or rods, place them on shelves, or set them on your bathtub ledge. The more the merrier!

simply chocolate bath 5

Gather Goodies

There’s no better way to enjoy a good soak than with a sweet treat. Chocolate always makes me happy, and I’m allllll about a lil rosé all day action. So when I found out Simply Chocolate offers a pairing of Godiva Chocolates and San Valencia Rosé Wine, I couldn’t jump on it fast enough! With more than 30 brands and hundreds of product offerings to choose from, it’s easy to find the perf thing to satisfy your sweet tooth. Once you’ve poured the wine and assembled your goodies, place them on a bamboo bath tray caddy for the ultimate ME time.

simply chocolate bath 6
simply chocolate bath 8

Set The Mood

Good vibes are essential for a self care bath and aromatherapy is one of my fave parts! Light a few pretty smelling candles and arrange them around the room. The glowy, flickering flames are so calming and dreamy. Burn some incense, sage or palo santo and set out your crystals for the ultimate good vibes sitch. If you have a portable mini speaker, place it in your bathroom and play some relaxing music - for me that’s classical piano, or slow jazz tunes by Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald.

simply chocolate bath 3

Keep your wine bottle nearby for easy refills! ;)

simply chocolate bath 11

Nom nom nom! This assortment of milk, dark, and white Godiva chocolates from Simply Chocolates was the perf addition to my bath time. Their products range anywhere from $20 to $300, so you’ll be able to find goodies at every price point - no matter your budget or occasion. The brand also recently launched the Simply Chocolate Premier Collection and Colossal Truffles, which feature delish flavor pairings by an artisan chocolatier. Yum!

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The Perfect Bath Water

Next time you have a floral bouquet in your home, gather up all the petals the flowers drop to use in your bath. If the blooms are on their way out but not dropping petals, simply give them a little shake over the tub like I did with these roses, or pick the petals off manually. No petals? No problem. Add a luxurious bath oil, bubbles, bath bombs, or salts to your water for the finishing touch.

simply chocolate bath 4

Nothing left to do but get in the water and let the luxuriating commence! Turn your phone on silent and bask in your own personal dream bath.

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How do you like to treat yourself? Would love to hear what your fave self care rituals are! Tell me all about ‘em in the comments.

xo, sara