The Most Stylish Airbnb In Twentynine Palms, CA

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms

When my dear friend Lindsay Hollinger of Casa Joshua Tree told me she had bought a second house to turn into a full time Airbnb, I knew we were in for some interior magic y’all. Together with her bff and business partner James Burial, they renovated and transformed this 1,200 square foot 3 bedroom home into the ultimate desert retreat, fondly named #ThatDesertHouse. Lindsay and James spent 6 months on renovations and did most of the work themselves - all the time, energy, and love they put into the space really shows.

Located in between Joshua Tree and the city of Twentynine Palms, the house sits on 5 acres of open desert with amaze mountain views on all sides. Eddie and I were honored to be the very first visitors! We enjoyed the loveliest weekend getaway here. It’s absolutely GORGE and just the perf place to unwind and unplug. I’m so excited to take you on a lil home tour of the space, I know it will inspire you just as much as it inspires me :) Lindsay was kind enough to share links to all the furniture, appliances, and decor she designed the house with, so you can recreate her fab desert style in your own home - yaaaaas! Keep scrolling for a whole lot of amaze-ness.

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#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 30
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When we first arrived at the house, we entered through the living room and my jaw immediately hit the floor. STUNNING doesn’t even begin to cover it! From the beautiful wood burning stove, to the exposed stone wall, that COUCH, and all the wonderful art - hoooooooly moly.

#ThatDesertHouse living room

This custom rust colored plush velvet sectional is what actual dreams are made of. It’s soooo cozy and considering the opposite wall is basically one giant window with mountain views, it’s definitely the best seat in the house. And that soft fuzzy tassel rug! The two abstract paintings were created by artist Kat Green specifically for this house.

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Vintage Mid Century chair restored by James Burial, side table made by Dan John Anderson, ceramic mug by ZZIEE Ceramics.

From the living room, let’s move onto the kitchen….

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#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 6

Can. you. EVEN. Helloooo dream kitch, how you doin?? Everything about this room is perfection. From that absolutely gorge Zia Cobalt Tile, to the butcher block countertops, open shelving, black sink, and the darling lil brekky nook.

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 8

Lindsay and James totally DIY’d this room, doing almost everything themselves including tile installation. Check out what it looked like before HERE!

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 12
#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 10
#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 11

All the pieces are so thoughtfully curated and pleasing to the eye. I’m not a cook but this kitchen had me wishing I was one, just so I could spend as much time as possible in here!

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 9
#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 13
#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 14

The dining bench was custom made by James! I love how Lindsay designed this corner with more neutral fabrics and textures, so as not to take away from that stunning blue tile. And that wicker pendant light! Show stopper for sure. Everything goes so perfectly together, what a dream. Sneak a peek of what this corner looked like before the reno HERE.

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 15

I’m obsessed with how Lindsay finds ways to bring the gorge desert landscape into the spaces she creates. She found a beautiful smoke tree branch and hung it on the wall over the kitchen counter - it looks like a work of art, don’t you think?

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#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 18
#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 19

From the kitchen, onto the bedrooms!

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 20

The master bedroom is HUGE and designed to perfection, just like the rest of the house. Those hanging tumbleweeds are so genius - felt like a desert dreamland sleeping here.

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 22

This lil lounge area is perf for reading a book or enjoying a cup of coffee. The mountain painting is by No Town/ Dana Longuevan.

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 21

I love the idea of an open wardrobe clothing rack, especially one as beautiful as this - custom made by James, of course. So talented! Perf for spaces that don’t come with a built in closet, or even for ones that do. Sometimes you just want to have your pretty clothing out on display, ya feel me?

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 32

Onto bedroom number two!

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 35
#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 36

That desert light is crazy good you guys. Everything is so bright and cheerful in here. You can’t help but feel happy with all that magical sun shining in!

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 37

The headboard here is actually 3 beautiful wooden wall panels by House Van Holland. The artwork is by Kanesha Sneed / Tactile Matter.

Onto the third and final bedroom!

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 23

How amaze is this pillow and throw?! The colors and textures - yas plz! And those sweet little side table lights. Too cute.

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 34
#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 38

Love the black and white theme in the bathroom! Feels fresh and clean.

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 24

Even the outside of the house is a work of art - literally! Lindsay painted this snake mural herself, the colors are magical against the dez landscape.

#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 39

Happy hour with Lindsay in the living room - gah I just lob her so! We cheesin’, in more ways than one :)

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#ThatDesertHouse Twentynine Palms 41

So what do you think of the house? Are you singing “Hey now, hey nowww, this is what DREAAAAAMS are made of!” Hilary Duff style in your head right now? I don’t blame ya bb! Head on over to the Airbnb page (linked below!) and book a gorge dez getaway for yourself. Added bonus - Lindsay and James just installed a hot tub so you can soak & star gaze your life away. Yeah, I’m gonna need to return ASAP to experience that dreamy sitch for myself.

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