Living Room Reveal With Comfort Works

boho living room

I'm so excited to be showing you our new offish redesigned living room! This was an especially fun lil project for me because I didn't buy any new furniture to create this new look - that's right, this is actually the same Ikea sectional we've had for years. The secret is these fab replacement slipcovers and wooden sofa legs from Comfort Works. Yaaaaaaas! If you need a refresher on what the space used to look like, take a peek below. 


As you can see, our sofa was a dark grey color. Our new house is so light and bright, this dark sofa with metal legs just wasn't vibing for me in the space. That's why I was so happy when Comfort Works reached out to me about trying their Soderhamn sofa covers. They sent me a bunch of fabric samples to choose from and I fell in love with one called Liege Biscuit. It fit perfectly with the look I was going for, and Eddie loved it too. 

So what do you think of the new look? Have you ever tried using slipcovers to change up a space? Let me know in the comments! 

This post was sponsored by Comfort Works - all opinions expressed are my own, as always!