Golden Hour at the Marina with Sperry

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One of my fave places to hang during golden hour is Fisherman's Village in Marina Del Rey. Eddie and I like to walk along the waterfront and check out all the boats, pelicans, and seals (!!), then we grab happy hour food and drinks right on the water. The view as the sun begins to set is so gorge! While I was getting ready for our most recent viz, I thought this would be the perf place to wear my brand spankin new Sperry shoes.

sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 21
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 3
marina del rey pelicans

I've been buying Sperry boat shoes for Eddie for years. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas - he's accumulated a nice collection! I've always loved how they look but for whatever reason never bought a pair for myself, oddly enough. However when I saw these pretty blush penny loafers, I knew I had to have them. 

sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 4
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 9
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 6

Sperry's new 'Prep For All' theme really resonates with me. While you would probably label my style as boho, I don't like being pigeonholed into just one type of look. Some days I wake up feeling a little rock n' roll, other days I'm feelin the tomboy vibe, and then some days I'm feelin fancy af. It all depends on my mood! 

marina del rey pelicans 2
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 10

I love how Sperry is redefining the word 'prep'. They're breaking boundaries and letting everyone know, hey, just because you don't categorize yourself as traditional prep, doesn't mean you should limit yourself style wise. It's a great reminder that you don't need to look or act a certain way to wear what you like. I love these gorge loafers and I wear what I love! Regardless of labels or fashion rules. Rules are made to be broken, after all ;)

marina del rey fishermans village
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 8
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 14
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 15

In case you're wondering, yes - these bbs feel just as buttery smooth as they look. There's usually a break-in period for me with new shoes, where they hurt to walk in. I haven't experienced that with these loafers! Right when I slipped them on they felt great, and even after walking around the Marina with Eddie, they didn't give me any problems. Yes plz! 

sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 11
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 16
marina del rey seals

Can you spot the seals? They were playing and squawking at each other, waddling around and cracking me up! Loved the one loner taking a nap by himself in the sun. Good for you, bb!

sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 12
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 17

The majority of my shoe collection is black or brown, so this pretty blush color has been a very welcome addition to my wardrobe. Even though it's a shade of pink, it's subtle enough that I could pair it with all kinds of outfits and it would look fab. 

sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 13
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 19
sperry Seaport Penny Loafer 20

What are your thoughts on mixing up fashion styles? Do you keep strictly to one distinct vibe, or do you take a little from here and a little from there to create your own unique look? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this - Let me know in the comments :) And be sure to peep some of my fave Sperry styles below! 

This post was sponsored by Sperry - all opinions expressed are my own, as always!

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