Rainforest Flora


I'm always on the hunt for plant shops and nurseries in LA, so I kinda can't believe I had never been to this lil slice of jungle paradise called Rainforest Flora before! It's especially a must visit if you're a Tillandsia (also known as air plants!) lover, since that's their specialty. They're the largest producer of Tillandsias in North America and one of the largest in the world. How amaze is that? Complete with waterfalls, turtles, fish, and a jungle kitty, it really is a dream. 

Right when you walk in, you're transported to a different world. It's warm and humid which I'm guessing is very good for the growing of air plants, and the sound of the waterfall follows you wherever you go. You really feel like you're in a jungle! 

tie front top / culottes / sandals / bag courtesy of Lulus

Lots of turtles and fishes hanging out in the water! Loved watching them all swim around. Cutie patooties. 


Giant leaf cuddle! kekeke

This jungle kitty was so presh. You could tell it was right at home and happy in its kingdom. 


Lookit Eddie!! Haha it looks like he's admiring the staghorn fern above him but he was actually amazed at the price - his grandma has a humongous staghorn much bigger than this one that's taken over a tree in her backyard. Now we know it's worth a few thousand dollars! Crazy, right? 


When you think about it, Tillandsia are pretty amazing. They're so unique because just like their name suggests, they don't need soil to grow. You just soak them in water every 1 or 2 weeks and viola! They come in all different shapes and sizes - just check out Rainforest Flora's shop page to peep some of their species! And the possibilities for styling them in your home are endless. I especially love how my Insta-pal Hilton Carter styles them in his home. So much fun!

Eddie told me, "If we got a cat, I'd want it to be just like this one." 

You know a plant shop is gonna be good when even their parking lot is gorge. And check out my new air plant bb! Love how funky he is. 

And there you have it! Whatcha think? Such a cool place right?? Lemme know how you like it if you end up visiting for yourself!

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