Dining Room Reveal

boho dining room

This was the room I was most excited to design in our new home, and I'm so happy with how it turned out! We didn't have a dining table at our old apartment, so being able to entertain family and friends here in the new house has been something I've been looking forward to. If you need a refresher, take a peek at my dining room plan post HERE to see what the space looked like empty. 

boho dining room 2

Aren't sunflowers so cheerful? They brighten a room up like no other.

boho dining room 4

As I mentioned in my design plan post, there were a few things I really wanted to incorporate into this space. A Moroccan style rug, woven pendant light, wishbone dining chairs, and a wooden farmhouse table were all must-haves when I was envisioning my dream dining room. I especially wanted to play with pairing the color black and wooden, natural tones. I just love how green plants and flowers pop against a neutral color palette. 

boho dining room 3
boho dining room 5

As you can see, our kitchen is still a work in progress - we haven't gotten our washer/dryer yet, which will be going in the empty space underneath the cabinets. 

boho dining room 6

Sneak peak of our bar cart area above, which I'll be unveiling in a separate post ;)

boho dining room 7

We're so lucky the house came with such fab built-ins! There's even a light included in this shelving unit, and it looks so lovely turned on at night. There were two large sliding glass door panes here as well, but we removed them for easier access to the items inside. I also feel like removing the glass opened up the space that much more, giving it an airy feel that I always love. 

boho dining room 10

My prickly corner! How presh are these 3 bbs sittin pretty? I had fun playing with height here, thanks to my wicker plant stand and a wooden crate.

boho dining room 12

Our four dining chairs are from All Modern, and I'm obsessed with them. I draped a couple sheepskin rugs over top for some extra comfy-coziness. 

boho dining room 11
boho dining room 13
boho dining room 8
boho dining room 12

This bench was the only piece of furniture we already had from our old apartment, and it ended up matching the new dining table on accident! I had been planning on purchasing a new one, but when our table arrived I realized the bench we already have actually works pretty well. Don't cha love it when that happens!

boho dining room 16

I was a little bummed because our pendant light is more dark brown than it is black, which is how it looked and was described online - but it was the only dark woven pendant I could find at that size! Everything else was much too big. So it will do for now, till I find a true black replacement :P

boho dining room 18
boho dining room 9
boho dining room 17
boho dining room 14

Eddie and I hosted our first lil pizza party last weekend and we all sat here comfortably at the table. It was so nice to have a designated space for eating and hanging, separate from the living room!

So what do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the newly decorated space :) And don't forget to check back for the bar cart reveal!  

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