Exploring the Darling Town of Los Alamos, CA


If you’re in the mood for a quaint lil California getaway filled with delish food, gem-filled antique shops, and amaze wines, Los Alamos is for you. A sweet, tiny town in Santa Barbara county with an Old West rancher vibe, the majority of shops and restaurants cover a 3 block stretch on the main road of Bell Street. You could easily explore everything in one day, but I’d recommend taking it slow and soaking in all the goodness - unwind and take your time! I was looking to do just that, and since Eddie had to work this particular weekend, I decided to take a little solo trip and explore the town by myself. Where I stayed, ate, drank, and shopped below!

Bell Street, Los Alamos

Bell Street, Los Alamos

Where To Stay

alamo motel los alamos ca

I originally had booked an Airbnb home for my stay, but the hosts had an emergency and had to cancel the night before I arrived. I wasn’t worried though, because I knew there were other gorge options in town. That’s where the Alamo Motel comes in - ahhh this dreamy place! Perfectly located in the middle of town and walkable to everything on Bell Street, I parked my car and didn’t get in it again till I checked out.

alamo motel los alamos 2


The moment I pulled into the property I knew it was a special place. Cactus, jute mats, and pretty wood doors to greet you at each room’s entrance - I felt right at home here. The Alamo even let me check in a few hours early, which is always appreciated. Check out my room!

alamo motel los alamos 13
alamo motel los alamos 3

Dreamy clawfoot tub?? Why yes, don’t mind if i do! I definitely squeeled when I opened the door and saw this magic staring back at me.

alamo motel los alamos 7

The room was designed to perfection, from the bedding, to the wood & tile floors, gold accents, sweet lil plant, and cowhide rug. Swooooon.

alamo motel los alamos 4
alamo motel los alamos 11
alamo motel los alamos 10
alamo motel los alamos 9

I had one of the best baths ever in this tub! As much as I love my own bathtub at home, it’s on the smaller size and I’m not able to fully stretch out and completely submerge everything but my head - this big clawfoot tub made that possible. I brought a candle and bubble bath/oil from home and blissed out with a glass of wine after a day of exploring. I could even watch TV from the tub! It was heavenly.

los alamos alamo motel
alamo motel los alamos 18

The motel property includes a communal fire pit and an adorbs wine bar hosted by Municipal Wines. There are also lil grassy areas perf for picnics, and swings hanging from shady oak trees.

alamo motel los alamos 16

Even the reception desk is a dream. Definitely not your standard motel gift shop, all the goods sold here are beautifully curated - many products made locally. From natural deodorant, to interesting books, CBD products and bath accessories (for enjoying in your clawfoot tub!), I pretty much wanted every single item they sell.

alamo motel los alamos 21
alamo motel los alamos 25
alamo motel los alamos 22

The little lounge in the room next to reception where you can enjoy a morning coffee is also lovely. At this point, would you expect anything less? Eyeing that coffee table!

alamo motel los alamos 24
alamo motel los alamos 23



Another beautiful place to stay is the Skyview Motel. While I didn’t stay here myself, I visited for brunch at their Norman Restaurant and was blown away by the design, decor, and of course the yummy food. Perched high on a hill (hence the motel name) it’s a bit of a trek from the rest of town, but still walkable if you’re feeling adventurous.

skyview motel los alamos 3
skyview motel los alamos 4
skyview motel los alamos 6

The colors in Skyview’s restaurant are super dreamy. Enjoyed yummy chicken and waffles as well as their Sunrise cocktail (Root Elixirs strawberry lavender, lemon, sparkling wine - yum!) here.

sunrise cocktail skyview motel
skyview motel los alamos 8
skyview motel bathroom wallpaper

Also - omg. The bathroom wallpaper. Can. You. Even. Obsessed!

Where To Eat/Drink

bodega los alamos ca


My fave place in town would have to be Bodega Los Alamos. Their wine and beer garden is what dreams are made of, such a lovely outdoor space filled with trees, plants, and gorge decor. I relaxed here for hours drinking orange (yes orange!) wine, enjoying the scenery, listening to music, taking photos, and just chilling.

bodega los alamos ca 4
bodega los alamos ca 18

I didn’t even know orange wine existed until a few months ago, and have been dying to try it. When I saw Bodega had a bottle on their menu, I obvi had to check it out! It was super yummy.

bodega los alamos ca 5

I’m forever dreaming of the day when I can have my own little backyard greenhouse, so I fell in love hard with the one here. Super dreamy.

bodega los alamos ca 2
bodega los alamos ca 7
bodega los alamos ca 8
bodega los alamos ca 9
bodega los alamos ca 3
bodega los alamos ca 12

It was Mushroom Fest the weekend I visited Los Alamos, and Bodega started setting out the most beautiful displays of chanterelles while I was sipping my wine.

bodega los alamos ca 17
bodega los alamos ca 19

The fire pit was lit as the sun started to set and I cozied up here happy as a clam.


After I got my wine fix at Bodega, I headed next door to Full of Life for some yummy mushroom pizza. How pretty is their little deck, above? Love the twinkle lights around the tree.

bob's los alamos ca


I went all in on this Mushroom Fest. Restaurants throughout town were serving mushroom dishes in celebration! This mushroom toast from Bob’s was legit one of the yummiest things I’ve ever eaten. Everyone I talked to while in town told me that Bob’s has some of the best food around, so I definitely recommend visiting. I’ll be dreaming of this eggy toasty goodness foreva. Hopefully it’s still on the menu next viz!

Where To Shop

antiques los alamos california 4


So many vintage and antique gems to be found here. I went inside Sisters fully expecting to just window shop, but left with my arms full of vintage wicker suitcases - ha! Every room is filled with treasures.

sisters los alamos ca 7
sisters los alamos ca 8
sisters los alamos ca 9

Prettiest lil sage bundles.

sisters los alamos 2

The backyard was filled with plants and garden goods. I loved seeing all the little succulent clippings!

sisters los alamos 3
sisters los alamos 5

los alamos ca shops


Prettiest boutique goes to Suite B! If you’re not in the mood for antiquing, this is the shop for you. Filled with all sorts of goodies such as natural skin care products and toiletries, organic pantry items like local honey and olive oil, handmade gifts by local artisans, clothing, jewelry, plants, and more. I bought some locally made roll on perfume that I love!

antiques los alamos california 3


This antique mall used to be the Los Alamos railway station! The huge space is filled with old treasures, including a sweet record corner filled with vinyl hanging on the walls and from the wood beams overhead. I took my time walking around from room to room, almost like it was a museum of sorts. So much cool stuff!

antiques los alamos california
record hunting los alamos ca
antiques los alamos california 2

And there you have it! Loved this lil getaway, and also P.S. - if you haven’t traveled solo before, I highly recommend it. As much as I love visiting places with other people, it’s such a fun, exciting feeling to be on your own experiencing a new place exactly how you want to. You’re able to take your time and adventure on your own terms! I never felt lonely, on the contrary - I had some great convos with Los Alamos locals who were so friendly and happy to share their recommendations for my stay. Can’t wait till my next viz!

xo, sara