Solo Trip to Ojai

chief's peak ojai rancho inn

I’ve been craving an Ojai getaway for a while now. It’s been too long since my last viz to this magical California town, so I drove up recently for a lil overnight solo trip. Only 90 minutes northwest of Los Angeles but so different in terms of vibe - slower paced with a beautiful artistic small town feel. I always feel relaxed in Ojai and it’s the perf getaway destination for solo travelers, which I can’t recommend enough! When you take a trip by yourself you get to do, see, and eat whatever you want, whenever you want. I’ve found that I have more conversations with the locals when I’m by myself, and I just love exploring a town at my own pace. I observe more and learn more, about the town and about myself. My last solo trip was in the beginning of the year to Los Alamos, so I have definitely been overdue. When Eddie told me he’d have to work the weekend I had planned, I knew this would be the perf opportunity!

I wanted to share some of my fave places in Ojai, all fab for visiting as a solo traveler. One of the many reasons I love this town is how completely walk-able it is. Many of the places on this list are right near each other, no car necessary! Where to stay, shop, eat, and hang comin’ right up.

Ojai Rancho Inn

ojai rancho inn
ojai rancho inn 8

Can’t recommend the Ojai Rancho Inn enough! Such a sweet, beautifully decorated place, with nice, friendly staff and very comfortable rooms. Their tiny lobby is a dream, with plant bbs covering the cozy fireplace’s mantle and lots of little goods for sale. The Inn is perfectly located and they offer free bike rentals to hotel guests - that’s really all you need to get around town.

ojai rancho inn 6
ojai rancho inn lobby

Ojai Rancho is also home to Chief’s Peak, the darling poolside bar that couldn’t be sweeter if it tried. I arrived an hour earlier than check in time so I happily spent that hour in here chatting with the bartender and sipping on a yummy drink.

chief's peak ojai rancho inn bar
ojai rancho inn chief's peak
ojai rancho inn chief's peak 6

My room had such a gorge rustic, cabin feel - I was swooning over all the gorge deets! Dip dyed indigo curtains, dreamy ceramic bedside lights, that wood post bed frame, and sweet lil kitch. Allllll about it.

ojai rancho inn bedroom
ojai rancho inn 5
ojai rancho inn 3

Also, this bed + pillows were some of the comfiest I’ve ever experienced at a hotel. Like seriously, they were GOOD. Reallllllll good.

Bart’s Books

bart's books ojai

Bart’s Books is always a must-viz when in Ojai. Just the loveliest lil outdoor bookshop there is, with planties and vines growing all over the shelves. It’s peaceful here, and so. many. books. Take your time and enjoy the browse.

bart's books ojai 3

The Nest

the nest ojai 2

The Nest is the perf place for lunch as a solo traveler. You order at the window and choose your seat on their lovely patio, then they bring your food to you. Totally casual and low key, with really yummy food. I recommend the cauliflower tacos and a can of Juneshine Hard Kombucha!

the nest ojai


fig ojai

Hello heaven, is that you? Fig is a shop straight outta my dreams. Their garden entry corridor makes you feel like you’re in fairyland! They sell the loveliest curated selection of unique gifts for home and garden, with a focus on local, handmade, and fair trade goods. I fell in love with this space, and definitely did not leave empty handed.

fig ojai 2
fig ojai 3
fig ojai 4

Found 203 Studio

found 203 studio ojai

If you’re looking for a super sweet plant shop in Ojai, then Found 203 Studio is the place for you. I loved gushing over my love for houseplants with the people working here, and of course I had to buy the cutest lil teeny tiny Pilea Peperomioides in a mini terracotta pot that had me squealing. They also sell gorge planters, crystals, plant books, and all sorts of goodies that plant parents go gaga over. I felt right at home and happy in here!

found 203 studio ojai 2
found 203 studio ojai 4
found 203 studio ojai 3
found 203 studio ojai 6
found 203 studio ojai 7

Tipple & Ramble

Tipple & Ramble ojai

Ah Tipple & Ramble. Nbd just my fave place in all of Ojai!! You’ve heard me gush over it in my last Ojai post, but it bears repeating - it’s MAGIC here.

Tipple & Ramble ojai 2

Part picnic shop, part wine bar, Tipple & Ramble’s gorge shady patio feels like home. Order a cheese plate or Mediterranean plate and a glass of wine, then head out back and cozy up while your food and drinks are prepared. I spent a couple hours out here nibbling, drinking, listening to the fun music they had playing through the speakers, and just soaking in that gorge Ojai weather.

Tipple & Ramble ojai 3
Tipple & Ramble ojai 4
Tipple & Ramble ojai 6
Tipple & Ramble ojai 5
Tipple & Ramble ojai 7
Tipple & Ramble ojai 8
Tipple & Ramble ojai 10
Tipple & Ramble ojai 11

You could even bring a book (that maybe you bought from Bart’s Books?!) and enjoy it out here while lounging it up on the patio. Just the perf place to hang and relax.

In The Field

in the field ojai

In The Field is a stunning lifestyle shop filled with all sorts of treasures. The epitome of California Cool, you can pick up homegoods, clothing, accessories, vintage pieces, and there’s even a darling kiddie section. Also doesn’t hurt that you’re greeted to a STUNNING desert garden outside the shop right as you walk in. Yes plzzzzz.

in the field ojai 2

Caravan Outpost

caravan outpost ojai

I would love to stay at Caravan Outpost on my next Ojai getaway! There are eleven refurbished Airstreams on site to book for a total glamping sitch, and they’re all completely gorge. The lush grounds are stunning and plant filled, and there’s also a beautiful shop where you can buy all sorts of goods.

caravan outpost ojai 2
caravan outpost ojai 3

Hip Vegan Cafe

hip vegan ojai

I’m not vegan but I don’t eat certain meats (only poultry and fish). Some of my fave restaurants in LA are vegan, and I try and eat plant based whenever possible. After devouring an entire cheese plate by myself the day before at Tipple & Ramble, I was in the mood for a nice salad! So I headed to Hip Vegan Cafe. It’s a beautifully designed space, open and airy with a very pretty patio to enjoy your meal outdoors. They also have a gorgisimo planty shelfie that had me drooling - isn’t it stunning?

hip vegan ojai 2
hip vegan ojai 3
hip vegan ojai 4

Topa Mountain Winery

topa mountain winery ojai

Another incentive to stay at Ojai Rancho Inn? It’s pretty much right next door to Topa Mountain Winery! Hands down the most beautifully designed tasting room I’ve ever been to, and they serve a real yummy rosé which I had to order, naturally ;)

topa mountain winery ojai 8

The winery has a new design takeover in their tasting room every month - how genius is that?? I fell in love with September’s. The bright cheerful shades of pink and yellow, the colorful velvet seating, stunnnnning florals, and those rattan pendants from Ikea that I will never get sick of. Swoooon. The design is by Wild Heart Events, florals by Going Steady Studios.

topa mountain winery ojai 3
topa mountain winery ojai 2
topa mountain winery ojai 5

dress / shoes / hat / bag (similar)

A nice man saw me sitting here blissed out enjoying my wine and asked if I wanted a photo taken! Don’t you love it when that happens? I usually don’t ask strangers for photos often bc I don’t want to annoy, but if you’re gonna offer - yes plz!!

topa mountain winery ojai 6
topa mountain winery ojai 7

I love traveling with others, but a good solo trip every now and then is good for the soul. If you’re ever craving a trip & your friend/partner/family member’s schedule doesn’t line up, take the trip by yourself - you may be surprised how much you enjoy it 💚 Until next time, Ojai!

xo, sara

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